Hotel & Resort

Real Estate, Hospitality Photography

“Photos of hotel and resort provide a person with their first impression of the place. In addition, photos show people what to expect. It’s important to see the hotel or resort’s exterior, its lobby, guest rooms, and other amenities. The potential guest needs to be reassured that their hard-earned dollar will get them what they’re looking for.”

“The decision can be a crucial one for the duration of their trip away from home.  People go online, search, and look at the photos to gauge how comfortable or appealing their stay will be. If the photos are well-lit, sharp, and visually appealing, they’ll be more inclined to book their reservation than if they see mediocre photos.  A balance of impact and information is crucial.”

“Our society is increasingly visual. People base their opinions of where to spend their travel dollar almost exclusively on how the property is presented visually on the internet and in marketing materials.  Aside from online reviews, photography is the mitigating factor as to whether those dollars will be spent with you, or move along to the competition.”