Editorial Photography

“The photographs go along with the articles even the cover of the magazine, as an Editorial Photographer, you take pictures that support written stories or features. Editorial photography refers to the pictures in a magazine that aren’t ads. Some editorial photographers shoot only editorial type work, others shoot both editorial and commercial”

“In this profession, your jobs will turn over quickly so you go through many projects in a few days. In each case, you must understand the story you are supporting, then add depth and clarity to its message by providing an accompanying visual image.”

“A very strong editorial image will evoke a feeling in the viewer and should be able to stand alone, without explanation. Atmosphere, lighting, composition…the elements and principles of design play an important role in weaving a visual tale. Editorial photography often allows for a vastly larger opportunity for creative freedom”

My works published on

Smithsonian Magazine, IPA- Invisible Photographer Asia, PIX India, Indonesian Exposure Magazine, Le Monde, Le Journal de la Photographie, Trans Asia Photography Review, Landscape Stories

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