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In photography, there are endless ways to capture a subject and create a memorable image. Portraits are no exception, and the addition of water can transform the traditional into something truly extraordinary. Underwater portraits offer a unique take on the genre, as the environment and physical distortion of the subject create an atmosphere that is both eerie and captivating.

The photographer behind this series, exhibited at OPEN STUDIO – NHA SAN COLLECTIVE in Hanoi, is on a quest to explore authentic moments unencumbered by the mind’s control. To achieve this, I invited my subjects to join the experiment without explanation and let their faces drop into the water. The result is a series of portraits that offer a candid and raw glimpse into the subject’s mind and spirit.

The act of submerging one’s face into the water is interpreted as a cleansing process, both physically and mentally. The sensation of the water and the sudden change in environment can break down the barriers of self-consciousness and allow for a moment of pure authenticity. This is reflected in the portraits, which often showcase the subject’s inner expressions and sounds of the spirit.

The refraction of light and the movement of the water create a sense of fluidity and movement, further emphasizing the candid nature of the images. The liquid environment also distorts the subject, adding a new level of intrigue to the portraits. The photographer also uses digital techniques to enhance this distortion further, creating images that are at once surreal and real.

In the series, each person’s image and personal moment is an expression of their individuality and the unique experiences that have shaped them. The portraits are a testament to the idea that in each person’s mind and spirit exists a special essence and originality connected to their formation. This essence can be captured in a split second, and the portraits in this series are a testament to this truth.

Underwater portraits offer a new perspective on the traditional portrait genre, and this series is a testament to the creative potential of this medium. By inviting their subjects to participate in an experiment that is both physical and mental, the photographer has created a series of portraits that showcase the individuality and authenticity of their subjects. Whether viewed as a reflection of the mind and spirit or as a unique artistic expression, this series is a captivating and thought-provoking collection of images.

In conclusion, underwater portraits are a unique and captivating way to capture a subject’s essence. This series is a testament to the creative potential of this medium and the photographer’s quest to explore original moments unencumbered by the control of the mind. Whether viewed as a reflection of the individual’s mind and spirit or simply as a unique artistic expression, this series is a unique look for anyone interested in the intersection of art, photography, and the human experience.