Portrait series

Portraits taken under the surface of the water are unique moments that are different from traditional portraits. “Expressions” is a metaphor: people can see a lot from the sensation of faces in a special environment (WATER).

By inviting people to join the experiment without reason and to simply let their faces drop suddenly into the water, I really want to explore original moments in which there is the least control of the mind.

This series is looking for “variant” portraits by distorting the subject in liquid and digital environments but also seeing the subject as a single authenticity/truth.

At times, we want to put our faces into the water, this process is similar to washing off substance from the face and even from the spirit.

Most of the time in this process, in 1/100 of a second, there exists the original essence, which is connected to the formation of each individual.

Each person’s image and personal moment is showing things inside his/her mind; they are expressions and also the sound of the spirit.

This series was exhibited for OPEN STUDIO – NHA SAN COLLECTIVE in Hanoi

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