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As a Vietnam Photographer, I work mainly in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and travel many countries to enjoy life and take photographs, mostly in Asia continent. This blog gives me the opportunity to show who I am, why I am a photographer and love to become an enthusiastic person in photography. So, I want to spend my words for sharing my experience both in editorial & commercial work, travel, opinion…So, take time for reading my blog.

Storytelling is one of the most important factors in Photography. A picture without a story is just a superficial picture. So, I always try to become a great storyteller and curious photographer both in my personal and editorial works. So, feel free connect to discuss any assignments or ideas and let me share my stories and yours also.

Commercial Photography

Hotel | Resort | Corporate | Industrial | Product

Many editorial photographers shoot both editorial and commercial photos. As with editorial photography, commercial also has a wide range in themes and styles, and I can simply define commercial use as advertising or promoting stuff. I shoot corporate, real estate, industrial and product projects in years. So, feel free contact me to discuss further your requirement.

A Photographer is always a traveller. So, travel photography is one of the most open in terms of the subjects it covers. It is a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. I travel many places, lands such as China, Tibet, India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, US, France and get chances to open my eyes to enjoy and take pictures .


Binh Dang – Vietnam Photographer – an Editorial and Commercial freelancer working in photography fields. While attending Hanoi Industry University of Fine Art, he also began exploring himself through photography and started personal projects that helped him to understand more social implications.

Recently, his works almost have been moving towards exploring private thoughts where his photos can become an abstract representation of his mind. Binh Dang works mainly in Vietnam but can be available for photography assignments anywhere. Contact him for more information