Conveniently positioned at the crossroads of Le Van Luong and Le Trong Tan in Hanoi's Ha Dong district, the western gateway to the city, Park City Hanoi stands as a simplicity and a harmonious integration with nature. Inspired by the triumph of Desa Park City in Kuala Lumpur, honored with the FIABCI Malaysia Property Award, this development establishes itself as a unique urban oasis.

Upon completion, the township will boast 7,000 apartments, a dynamic 3-hectare commercial hub, an extensive 11-hectare central park, and a 5.7-hectare international school. Comprising 15 distinct neighborhoods, each named after a flower and fortified with top-notch security systems, Park City Hanoi showcases architectural and landscape elements seamlessly blending residences amidst expansive green spaces, crafting a living environment attuned to nature.

Responding to the demand for updated visuals as the project enters new phases of development, I was booked on a three-day consecutive photography order, covering all six areas and a completed high-rise residential building, mainly dependent on weather conditions and natural lighting. Below are some impressions and images captured.

Wandering through Gardens

Park City’s allure transcends through the lens, effortlessly weaving nature into the urban tapestry. From the secluded havens of residents to the vibrant communal areas, each photograph narrates the tale of a community that seamlessly intertwines modern living with the organic symphony of lush green gardens.

Capturing Scenic Simplicity in Minimalist Hues

While Park City champions architectural simplicity, the landscape unfolds like a nature-inspired canvas with a diverse green palette. From the refined charm of manicured lawns to the soothing earth tones of stone pathways, every photograph captures the intentional fusion of minimalist design with nature’s vibrant hues. It’s not about excess; it’s about gracefully allowing nature to claim the spotlight serenely.

Breathing Spaces: A Photographic Exploration

Beyond architectural structures, my lens delves into the tranquil resting spaces – green sanctuaries purposefully interwoven into Park City’s design. These spaces aren’t just voids; they are visual breaths, encouraging residents to pause, reflect, and forge connections with their serene surroundings. It’s an invitation to experience the natural beauty within the intimate spaces of daily life, vividly captured through the lens.


Park City emerges not as a bustling urban area, nor does it adhere to the complexity of traditional or modern architectural styles or maximize land usage for crowded constructions. Instead, it unfolds as a vibrant tapestry woven with simple threads and the embrace of nature. Through commissioned photographs, the project’s investor aims to visually expose the core elements of a new urban project, finding richness in simplicity, intelligent planning, respect for nature, and the community of residents within this place.