Over the past 2 months, I have shot for lifestyle product photography projects of Inoac Living.

Lifestyle product photography

Is a member of Inoac Group – the Japanese company of the industry in the polymer in public offers high quality products with ingredients from Kofu factory in Yamanashi, surrounded by rich natural systems like Mount Fuji and Minami Range.

The scene of two projects has been completely set in the studio space including 4 models with 2 women, 1 man, 1 boy and a support team (makeup artists, assistants, stylists…). Shooting lifestyle product photography in studio space is the same and also different from taking outdoors. A large volume of photographic equipment including professional flashes, diffusers, tripods, stands, brackets, etc… was always ready to create the natural light source such as sunlight from a window or firework in the night sky.

Lifestyle product photography

Not only was it complicated in pre-production, post-production also required highly detailed editing and took much longer to perform than outdoor shooting. Image layers have been taken separately and stitched together to ensure the light and color balance. Scenes outside the window were selected and purchased from the stock photography, then corrected the hue, perspective, blur to blend into the scenes captured in the studio.

Some of the images in this post are representative of shooting projects.

And here it is a product video completed by my agency – Tomoproject